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SAM JV is the Field Service Manager (FSM) for the U.S. State Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for Florida, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. We are looking to build and enhance our vendor base in those states. Your experience and skills are needed for the continued success in meeting these SAM JV contract duties and continued pursuit of excellence.

SAM JV offers a wide variety of opportunities for vendors throughout the country for many of our other Commercial and governmental clients, which we invite you to explore. If you have a passion for delivering exceptional customer service, and are looking for an opportunity to engage with people who share a common goal and vision, then you are the type of Vendor that will be Valued and will be right at home with SAM JV. We offer you an opportunity to develop your unique potential in our expansive and growing environment.

SAM JV strives to become a leader and innovator in the Property Management and Preservation industry. We are always searching for new vendors to add to our network. As an industry leader, our focus is providing superior service for our clients. SAM JV offers property management, inspections, and preservation services nationwide. SAM JV provides initial and continual training to our vendors delivered in the field and by webinar. SAM JV supports its Valued Vendor base and takes your concerns seriously which can only serve to improve you and allow us to best serve our client needs.

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