Company Overview

Sam JV is a joint venture comprised of a small disadvantage business 8(a) graduated company - Chinye & Company, PA - and a large company - P.K. Management Group, Inc., of Miami, Florida (PKMG), a national real estate management company with extensive experience in managing, preserving and providing environmental services for residential and commercial properties as a Prime Contractor for HUD as well as numerous commercial clients. Beginning in 2005 PKMG and Chinye & Company’s formation in 1996, the Joint Venture partners have each performed independently as both Prime Contractors for Federal agencies and as Subcontractors to various government and private sector clients.

Our services include, property management, property preservation, and environmental services delivered with the personal touch of a local small business. Our staff is highly experienced, uniquely qualified, and trained to provide property management, property preservation, and a host of other services throughout the 50 States and U. S. Territories. SAM JV has the experience to perform property inspections, securing of client assets, performing cosmetic repairs, addressing environmental issues as well as providing on-going maintenance for REO portfolios. Questions and issues are addressed by experienced, professional staff, which provide prompt responses and resolutions to every request, no matter how small.

List of Services:

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