Property Management

SAM JV has the experience and proven track record of providing property management services to both government and institutional investment clients.  One of SAMJV's joint venture partners holds a State of Florida brokerage license with the other partner holding real estate sale license.  SAMJV has provided property management, preservation, and maintenance services throughout the country since 2005.   SAMJV partners can stabilize, repair, market and manage large pools of rental properties in most regions. As an alternative to disposition, many of our existing clients are looking for the means to maximize portfolio returns by leasing portions of their REO inventory. With a proven network of leasing brokers and maintenance contractors, SAMJV is positioned to provide this valuable service to new and existing clients.  SAMJV's webbased property management system allows tenants to pay rent online and to request and track maintenance requests.  

Below is a list of services included in our Rental Management Program:

Property Preservation

SAM JV provides Property Preservation services for commercial and residential assets through its various Prime and Subcontracts, nationwide. SAM JV provides a full range of preservation services necessary to secure properties, immediately correct and remediate dangerous or hazardous situations, and to maintain properties until successful disposition of the property is complete. SAM JV delivers excellent, customized service to help maximize asset values for its clients. Our legacy of persistence and determination, coupled with stringent quality control standards, make SAM JV an industry leader in the Property Preservation Industry.

SAM JV's suite of property preservation and maintenance services include the following:

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